Pizzeria Al colle

ampio e panoramico terrazzo estivo

The pizzeria

Pizzeria al Colle began its activity on January 1st, 1987, in the site of the existing small pub run by Agnese, the mother of the actual manager Vanda, who has been supported since that time by her husband Giancarlo. Actually, their son Filippo has joined and together with Silvia and Giada and Laura are composing the staff of the activity.

Pizzas are the traditional ones, baked in the firewood oven and fantasy, together with professional skill, allow clients to taste also many special pizzas, according to the variation of the seasons, withe the most possible natural ingredients without any conservative dye. For example in summer with tomato-cherry and basel, grown on our area, or with mackerel and Tropea onion; in winter with Treviso chicory and bacon of fat bacon locally produced or with rapunzel from our hills.

Four kinds of draught beers make tasty our pizzas, as to satisfy everyone. We can also offer a large range of special bottle beers of Belgian production, brewed following the antique Abbeys standard, well known by the lovers of the kind.

You can taste our pizzas in a very warm and pleasant site, renewed inside on 2009 and, very recently, also outside, the large and panoramic balcony, existing since 1995, withe new built brick arcades, to make a charming frame of the valley of Montecchio Maggiore and, in the background, the famous medieval castles of Romeo and Juliet.

In the outside balcony, in summer time, families with children, groups of friends and couples are welcome to have a good pizza, away from the noise and heat of the town.

Our pizzas are long lievening, made with selected wheat tender flour and natural yeast and stuffed, following the clients' requests, with simple ingredients and tasty combining, always preferring, above all, the authenticity.

See you soon!